Setup Instructions

This is where we'll provide you with step by step instructions.

ClickBank Affiliate Master is really simple to setup, but please make sure you follow the steps on this page to ensure a trouble free setup.

1. Download ClickBank Affiliate Master from the downloads area to your hard drive.

2. Upload the 'cbam' folder and all it's contents to your web host (shown in video)

3. Navigate to the admin area inside the 'cbam' folder you just uploaded.
For example:
Replacing 'YOURDOMAIN' with your own domain name.

4. Log in to your admin area, the default login details are as follows:

5. Be sure to read the welcome page and sign up for updates to keep up to date.

6. Click on 'Profile' and enter your own username and password to secure your site, be sure to enter your name and email in there too for the password recovery, in case you lose your login details.

7. Click on 'Settings' and enter your Install Location, Default Website URL and ClickBank Vendor ID.

Your Install Location is the location where you uploaded the 'cbam' folder, so it will probably be: (make sure you leave the slash at the end of this URL) Replacing 'YOURDOMAIN' with your own domain name.

Your Default Website URL will probably be your main domain name: (Replacing 'YOURDOMAIN' with your own domain name.)

Your ClickBank Vendor ID is your ClickBank ID for the product you are selling.

Once you have saved these settings, proceed to your ClickBank account in 'Account Settings' > 'My Site' and enter the same URL you used for your 'Install Location' as your 'HopLink Target URL'.

8. You are now able to enter as many 'Custom Pages' as you need.

Simply enter a Short Page Code and a 'Custom Website URL' related to that code.
The 'Short Page Code' can be anything you like, for example, if you wanted a special discount page, you may use the word 'discount'.
The 'Custom Website URL' is the full URL to the custom page you have set up, so your URL may look something like this:

An easy way to create your new custom page is to simply duplicate your sales page and then
re-name it to what you prefer.

Feel free to watch the videos in the Video Training section if you are still unsure, or if you need help you maximize your ClickBank Affiliate Master potential.