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From: John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson  - Full Time Software & Website Developers.

If like us you are interested in creating and selling products online, I'm sure you will have heard of ClickBank, as active ClickBank vendors we owe a lot of our online success to them. We really love the way they enable us to sell our products and services online on complete autopilot.

We also love the fact they take care of everything, from payment processing to delivering products to handling refunds. But the best thing about ClickBank is that we are able to tap into their 100,000+ affiliate network. This is what makes ClickBank so successful, they put affiliates and vendors (sellers) together with great success and this is why we love them so much.

Why ClickBank? Here's Just a Few Reasons...

   You don't need to have a merchant account or even a PayPal account. ClickBank take care of payments on your behalf.

   You don't need to install any complicated affiliate programs. ClickBank has their own affiliate platform built in!

   You don't have to worry about paying your affiliates, ClickBank does this for you on your behalf.

   You don't have to worry about getting paid, ClickBank will pay you promptly every single week.

   Any affiliates can instantly promote your product with no need to fill in any long winded drawn out forms.

   ClickBank will help drive traffic to your product by placing your product in the ClickBank marketplace.

Sounds Perfect Doesn't it?

Well it's not, while we both love ClickBank and owe a lot of our success to them, there is one fundamental flaw with they way their 'hoplink' system operates and that is affiliates can only promote your main 'hoplink'.

This is a flaw that we believe can really hurt your business and we will explain why, imagine this scenario - A highly successful marketer sees your product in the ClickBank Marketplace and contacts you in the hope of doing a massive promo for you, he reviews your product and loves it. He then says the dreaded words "Can you set me up a personalized discount page for my subscribers please?" And this is where the problem begins as it can't be done via the regular ClickBank control panel.

Sure you can create a discount page and set up a discounted product at but your affiliates can only ever promote your main sales page so that page is useless for affiliates, so that successful marketer has now passed you by... Until Now!

Allow me to explain...

We Were Forced To Create This Product!

We have a number of products on ClickBank, and last year we approached a big name Super Affiliate to ask if he would promote one of our products that we had just released.

The product sold for $197 during launch week then went up to $247 after launch. The Super Affiliate insisted he would promote our product but only if we set things up so he could promote at the original discounted launch price.

We had a dilemma... We knew his promo would bring in thousands but we couldn't put the price back down on the main sales page as we had just put it up, plus The Super Affiliate wanted an 'exclusive discount' to offer his subscribers.

We decided that we simply had to set this up no matter what it cost. We knew there were products out there that could help us create special discount pages but every time we found something we found it either didn't work, was too complicated, or was unreliable.

So we decided to create one of our own that was Simple To Use, Effective and Reliable. A few weeks later we had created ClickBank Affiliate Master. We got to work and set The Super Affiliates personalized sales page up, gave him his special link and he generated $20,000 in sales from a single broadcast email.

Since then we have generated numerous discount pages on most of our products for our best performing affiliates and the results have been staggering. You see this is win win because...

   Your affiliate can offer their subscribers your product at a discounted rate. Your subscribers love you as you are doing your very best to secure them the best deal.

   You make a TON of extra sales that you wouldn't normally have made. In fact over time most of your sales will come from discounted products.

   You can approach affiliates and ask them if they would like a personalized special discount page set up.

   Affiliates love it when they have a personalized page with their name on that they can send to their subscribers.

We Just Wish We Had Created This Sooner!

I really do wish we had created this sooner, you see while we used to do well on ClickBank, we now do unbelievably well. In fact most of our ClickBank sales are for discounted products that our affiliates are promoting.

We have set up a ton of special discount pages for our top affiliates and the sales are flying in. Every time we contact a potential JV partner we always say something like "If you wish I could set you up a special personalized discount page, this will see your commissions soar".

Now if you were an affiliate that would sound tempting wouldn't it? Well, we have been doing it for years now with great success!

We Have Created The Perfect Program

To Help All ClickBank Vendors

Yes, after 6 long months we have created what we believe is the perfect system to help you maximize sales.

Not only do you have access to this perfect piece of kit that enables you to create as many discounted pages as you like, but you will also receive all the training you need to set this up, not that you need any training, it's so simple!

You see there are no complicated databases to fill in or scripts to create, all you have to do is upload, then login to your admin panel and you're good to go!

Here's Just a Few of The Benefits of

ClickBank Affiliate Master

   There are no complicated databases to install and you don't have to mess about with complicated PHP code.

   You can be up and running in just a few minutes, just upload, login to your admin panel to add your details and you're good to go.

   We will show you how to use this program to maximize your sales. We have earned over $100,000 in extra sales in only 6 months without really trying.

   You can generate a custom affiliate URL for your affiliates.

   You can generate a custom affiliate page where your affiliates can enter their ClickBank ID and get their custom link.

   You can customize your affiliates page very simply.

   You can set up as many pages and products as you like on a single ClickBank account.

PLUS! We also put our money where our mouth is...

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